Left of Boom IX Conference

The ninth edition of the Left of Boom conference started on 21 June 2023 in San Diego, California, USA.

Dr. Miloš Ulman and Dr. John Sabou attended the Left of Boom Conference, a three-day event on proactive threat mitigation in trade, security, health, environment, and technology organized by the Intelligence Research Institute. Dr. Sabou, an assistant professor at the Department of Information Technologies FEM CZU Prague, presented on network dynamics, virtual technical communities, and the role of open-source information in crisis management. Dr. Ulman, an assistant professor, and co-director of CENDAI, gave an update on the new master's degree program Global Information Security Management (GISM) and presented an overview of recent research projects in climate change mitigation and food security implemented by the team at the Department of Information Technologies and Management.